lubbaa...check your mate!

Do you want to know how compatible you are with your love or anybody you like? Get the great new lubbaa-app in your Apple App Store now!
Version: 1.0
Author: N. Melekian & J. Diel
Price: 0,99 € / 0,99 $
  • SIMPLE: You only need the partners’ dates of birth!
  • VERSATILE: Possible to compare different partners.
  • 4 LEVEL COMPARISON: Physical, emotional, intellectual, sensitivity.
  • UNDERSTANDABLE: Click on the corresponding results and receive a description.

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"According to a famous German womens Magazine one of the most important flirting apps!"
- Maxi womens magazine
  • Enter date of birth

    You only need the dates of birth of both partners to calculate the biorhythms!
  • See how well suited you are

    The results are no joke: they come from and are an extension of decades of well-known biorhythm analysis.
  • Comparison of different partners

    The clear overview makes it possible to compare a number of potential partners at the same time.